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diff --git a/articles/ed.html b/articles/ed.html @@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ <li>It’s accessible to everyone, even blind people, without modifications whatsoever (thanks to line-oriented editing) <li>You can screen/copy/capture/… the whole session, no more TUI madness <li>Make patches/sessions that can actually be pasted directly in ed (even if I think I’ll stick to the well-known/larryWall one when sharing), try to paste diffs in other editors. :) - <li>You have what made grep(1) in your editor. (<code>g/<code>regex<code/p</code>) + <li>You have what made grep(1) in your editor. (<code>g/</code>regex<code/p</code>) <li>Remember how your current $EDITOR is hard to learn? POSIX defines only 29 commands, and there is about half that can be forgotten (compared to like ~1% for vim) <li>ED IS THE STANDARD EDITOR (actually vi is too, but only in latest(2008) POSIX) </ul>