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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,33 +1,9 @@ -# Access Needs Posters -Home Office Digital repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility, design. +# Home Office Posters +Home Office repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility, design. -**Background** - -If you'd like to learn more about these posters, and why they were made, read [this blogpost by their creator Karwai Pun](https://accessibility.blog.gov.uk/2016/09/02/dos-and-donts-on-designing-for-accessibility/). - - -**Contributions** - -If you've got a poster you've created, and would like to commit it here, please do! - - -**Translations** - -You are welcome to translate the posters. We want them to be available in as many languages as possible. We only ask you to make available publicly. - -A suggested approach might be: - -1. [clone the repository](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters) -2. translate them -3. Add 2 or 3 letter language code to the end of each poster - e.g. "screenreader_fr.pdf." -4. send a pull request so we can merge them, or tell us where they are so we can advertise them here. - - -**Licensing** - -The posters are available under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license - this means you can reuse, adapt them for non-commercial uses as long as you attribute the original project. - -Read more in LICENSE.md. +**Discovery Alpha Beta Live posters** +* [General](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/discovery-alpha-beta-live/DiscoveryAlpaBetaLive_OnePage.pdf) +* [Discover Alpha Beta Live phases](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/discovery-alpha-beta-live/DiscoveryAlpaBetaLive_OnePage.pdf) **Access needs** @@ -37,10 +13,9 @@ These posters cover the following access needs: * [Dyslexia](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/accessibility/posters_en-UK/dyslexia.pdf) * [Visually impaired - low vision users](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/accessibility/posters_en-UK/low-vision.pdf) * [Visually impaired - screenreader users](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/accessibility/posters_en-UK/screenreader.pdf) +* [Motor disabilities](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/accessibility/posters_en-UK/motor-disabilities.pdf) +* [D/deafness and hard of hearing](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/accessibility/posters_en-UK/deaf.pdf) -Those posters are also availaible in other languages: -* [French (fr-FR)](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/tree/master/accessibility/posters_fr) -* [Taiwanese Mandarin (zh-TW)](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/tree/master/accessibility/posters_zh-TW) **User research and design**