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diff --git a/accessibility/LOCALISATION.md b/accessibility/LOCALISATION.md @@ -1,13 +1,26 @@ -We want these posters to be available in as many languages as possible. You are welcome to translate the posters. +We want these posters to be available in as many languages as possible. You are welcome to localise the posters. We only ask you to make available publicly. **Help** -A possibly way to translate the posters: -1. [clone the repository](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters) -2. translate them +Here's a suggested way to localise the posters: + +1. [Clone the repository](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters) +2. Using [the SVG files provided](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/tree/master/accessibility/posters_en-UK/svg) you can localise the posters 3. Add 2 or 3 letter language code to the end of each poster - e.g. "screenreader_fr.pdf." -4. send a pull request so we can merge them, or tell us where they are so we can advertise them here. +4. Send a pull request so we can review and merge them. + +We're happy to adapt the localisation process, so if you have any suggestions [create a new issue](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/issues). + +**Same language but different countries** + +NB: If there are a number of people who want to localise the posters into other languages, we'll ask you to +collaborate to make one set of posters. + +If there are differences between e.g. Spanish spoken in Spain and Spanish spoken in Argentina, then it is possible +to create two localised versions - one for Spain and one for Argentina. + +**Support** -If you have any questions, just ask! +If you have any questions, just ask a question [by creating a new issue](https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/issues)!