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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,6 +1,8 @@ # posters Home Office Digital repository of posters covering different topics - research, access needs, accessibility, design. +**Contributions** +If you've got a poster you've created and would like to commit it here, please do! **Access needs** These posters cover the following access needs: @@ -9,12 +11,12 @@ These posters cover the following access needs: * Visually impaired - low vision users (https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/accessibility/visually-impaired-low-vision.pdf) * Visually impaired - screenreader users (https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/accessibility/visually-impaired-screenreader.pdf) -**User research and design* +**User research and design** * User research is a team sport (https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/gds/research-teamsport.pdf) * 2 hours of user research every six weeks (https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/gds/two-hours-every-six-weeks.pdf) * GDS design principles (https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/gds/design-principles-poster.pdf) * GDS "It's OK to.." (https://github.com/UKHomeOffice/posters/blob/master/gds/its-ok-to.pdf) - -Contact: Bernard Tyers, @bernardtyers on Twitter +**Contact** +Best is to open a message in Issues, and we'll get in touch. Otherwise you can contact Bernard Tyers, @bernardtyers on Twitter.